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    Moderation of Coranivirus information

    There’s be a recent fuss about that I privately requested a member (Mayacaman) to refrain further posting about Colloidal Silver and the Hudder Clark “Zapper” with regard to the Coronavirus after that user had already posted about them 5 times. I felt the information was well outside of commonly accepted guidelines and it had already been posted about more than enough.

    I moderate postings on WaccoBB with a light touch, but I do have limited patience for conspiracy theories and other “out there” posts. I also have limited patience for reposting of any kind. This is because both sort of posts, typically from a very small set of frequent posters, can turn off our larger community of readers.

    Sure, people can choose not to read things, but sometimes they choose to unsubscribe or just stop reading WaccoBB altogether.

    I have not threatened to ban that user. I just asked him to stop posting about the same thing. This user has already posted over 200 times, and despite having received complaints about his posts and private messages to other users, I have chosen to try to work with him discreetly to “moderate” his use of WaccoBB.

    He has now chosen post my private messages to him publicly and not heeded my request to refrain from posting about the same topics further.

    I’m still not going to ban him, but I’m getting closer. Note that nobody has a “1st amendment right” to post on WaccoBB, just as you don’t have a right to post an article on the New York Times.

    Subsequently, another user, Melissa Paterson, who is a local naturopathic doctor, posted in support of colloidal Silver, so maybe it is worthy of further consideration.

    So how I am going to handle this is to keep our main thread on the Coronavirus focused general interest information and comments, and split off a thread on colloidal silver and another one for other alternative therapies.

    I want to remind everybody that you can selectively unsubscribe from any thread.

    If you are getting individual emails for a thread you can stop them by clicking the “Stop Email Updates” button on the bottom of your email.

    You can also remove a thread from your digest by clicking on the “Website/Reply”button on a post from that thread in your digest. And then on the website, scroll to the top of the page and click on “Daily Digest” where it says Follow: Daily Digest” and select “No Email”

    I will continue to moderate all posts for relevance and redundancy, including sometimes suppressing a post from the digest but leaving it on the website.

    Last edited by Barry; 03-10-2020 at 11:04 AM.

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