Hi beautiful beings of Waccobb! The three of us are seeking a 3-bedroom home in/close to Sebastopol to move in March 1st, and are looking for one more roommate as well as any potential leads on finding the right place. Our vision is to cultivate a conscious space, where we can practice sadhana and also host small gatherings such as kirtan/song gatherings, women’s circles, weekly meditation, and cacao circles - while also having space for individual lives. We are all grounding our visions into reality and so this home will be the stable ground through which we blossom fully.

We would like to create a beautiful intentional sanctuary with altars, prayer, and laughter at the core of the home. Natural light, some outside space with a feeling of openness and ease would be so nice.

Also seeking fourth housemate: Our lifestyles are centered around growth, devotion, and love, and we’d love to find one more person with the same values; Someone clean, health-conscious, and a mature communicator with solid income.

Things to know: Nala and Marco are in a committed relationship and would share one room together. Diana often works from home and occasionally has video conferences/calls, as well as regularly practices singing and music at home, and is open to negotiating the sonic space and needs of others.

We are really calling in this dream space to nest and co-create, and truly believe that home is out there! We are open to 3 bedroom options around $3000 if anyone has leads. (We are also open to a 2-bedroom that could be around $2000 if it fits our needs!) Please contact us if you or anyone you know might have such a home available.

Much love
Nala, Marco, & Diana