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    Sebastopol Outreach's Avatar
    Sebastopol Outreach

    Join the City of Sebastopol's Climate Action Sub-committee!

    Interested in being a part of the change?

    The City of Sebastopol invites interested citizens
    to volunteer and apply for several

    open positions on the newly formed Climate Action Sub-committee!

    Click here for more information.
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    Re: Join the City of Sebastopol's Climate Action Sub-committee!

    City of Sebastopol Climate Action Sub-Committee
    Application Deadline Extended
    The new deadline to apply is Monday, April 6, 2020!

    On December 3, 2019 the City Council adopted a City Council Resolution declaring a climate emergency and committing to on-going actions to restore a safe environment. On January 7, 2020 the City Council approved the creation of a Climate Action Sub-committee. The Climate Action Sub-committee will include a cross-section of community members from all sectors working together to create a recommendation to the City Council on specific actions.

    The Climate Action Sub-committee will consist of eleven (11) to thirteen (13) members from the following backgrounds:

    • One City Councilmember
    • One Planning Commissioner
    • One Member of City Staff (Planning Director or designee)
    • Youth (ages 17-23)
    • Sebastopol business owner
    • Sebastopol Climate Action or other local climate group representative
    • Environmental justice/equity background
    • Rights of nature background
    • Climate background
    • Reside within Sebastopol city limits
    • Reside outside Sebastopol city limits within the 95472-zip code
    Duties of Climate Action Sub-committee:

    • Formulate a Work Plan for the sub-committee
    • Research composition and duties of other cities sub-committees
    • Update CAP Document for City
    • Prioritize Climate Emergency Resolution Attachment A
    • Create Climate Calendar
    • Create Volunteer Appreciation Events/Ideas for Climate Events
    Application is Attached

    In creating the climate action ad-hoc sub-committee, it is not the intent of the council to duplicate or overlap the functions, duties, or responsibilities assigned to any other board or commission. It is likely, however, that the work of the climate action sub-committee may involve areas of concern of other City boards and commissions. In these situations, City staff may be asked to bring those items to those relevant boards and commissions and report back to the ad-hot sub-committee.
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