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    Free DVDs, books, furniture, magazines, etc.

    Dear Friends, Neighbors, Colleagues, and others,
    At 75-years-old, I deeply feel my pending decline. So I have filled my 425 square feet writerís cabin here in Sebastopol with many give-away things. Please consider coming to get some, and spread the word. However, I donít have enough energy to just talk with people. So please do not contact me unless it is to suggest a time to come over in search of something to take home for yourself or someone else. You can reach me at 707-829-8185, between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. Feel free to circulate this email widely.

    My wonderful physician informs me that I have recently recovered from a non-communicative, life-threatening, auto-immune skin condition called bullous pemphigoid, which you could google. It leaves me in bed most of each day, watching DVDs. If you have some DVDs that you think might interest me that you could loan me, that could be helpful. I do not watch DVDs with violence.

    I am emptying a 450 square feet cottage on my farm, which I have used for storage into a living unit for a care-giver. My physician indicates that may be a few years away. Being the Virgo that I am and six on the enneagram, I am clearing that space out for my pending absence from this world. Given the possible fall of the American Empire, I do not have a lot of desire to remain here. I lived in Chile when the fascists took over, and barely escaped. Such may be happening here in our once-wonderful country.

    If your goal is not to take something, please do not call, come, or email me. My energy is limited and I need to use it well. If you do plan to come, please call sometime between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. and suggest the best time for you. I am also looking for people to walk my frisky 45 pound dog, whom I will eventually give away.

    My weight has gone down to a low 115 pounds, from the 180 pounds that I used to be as a high school football player. I have had no appetite recently. As an adult, I was usually around 140 pounds. For those who do not remember me, you could google me, which would include references to some of the over two dozen books that I have contributed to. One thing that I need help with is taking some of my clothes to give-away to the homeless, Goodwill, or thrift stores, as well as for you to wear.

    This morning Iím finally returning to the wonderful Sebastopol Area Senior Center, which I have missed going to. A friend is driving me there this morning for one of their wonderful lunches, which are each week-day from 11 a.m to 1:00 p.m.ó$4 for those over 60-years old and $6.50 for others. Join us there if you might like.

    Please pardon me for being so wordy with this post,

    Dr. Shepherd Bliss, D.Min., University of Chicago Divinity School, Post-Doc., Harvard
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