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    Jude Iam's Avatar
    Jude Iam

    President Bernie Sanders - feels insanely good to write that

    Fifty years ago, Bernie was getting arrested as part of his civil rights activism.
    Today he's (STILL) working for all of US with Medicare for ALL, free college tuition, ending corruption and the Green New Deal!

    A bunch of us are having a good time working to get strong support for Bernie
    in lots of states AND now, here in California.

    Join us.

    Making calls, giving talks, placing signs, knocking on doors.
    It's a great way to transform fear and loathing into inspiration and energy - and in really good company!
    Easy to wax enthusiastic for Bernie.

    Local volunteers are organizing, hosting phone banks and canvassing,
    Saturdays 1 - 4 and other times.

    Warmly inviting you to get in touch!
    Jude Iam and
    Will Vick 707 484 3606 call/text [email protected]
    Maggi Munat 707 332 1352 text or [email protected]
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