Hi, Iím looking for a good fit to trade work and potentially money if necessary to have a nice space to park my r.v..
My name is Steve and I'm 37 years old.
I'm a self employed arborist to support myself but also have many other skills under my belt. I swing a hammer often enough so I stay somewhat sharp with my building abilityís. Iím really wanting to go more towards my creativity abilities and am looking for a place to land but am a traveler at heart so would be coming and going often.
I'm super friendly, outgoing, good with kids animals and adults. I would love to land somewhere that needs some help with the trees, land, animals but am open to other types of work also.
I really would like to have a dog also at some point so am looking for space enough for that. I would have the dog with me most at all times of course and trained.
I have tons of tools for tree work and am rebuilding my carpentry tools since the Oct 2017 fires purged me. I play acoustic guitar so would need something that would work with my passion for music. I'm also very into art and usually have something in the creative aspect going.
Old fashion in ways but try to keep an open mind since this is all in transit!
I am single and moved out west after the fires to find some kindred spirits. I have no children but enjoy them that way ha ha. I enjoy hiking, riding my bike, dancing, coffee shops, deep conversations and would like to pick surfing back up. I'm a pretty open person but also like my time alone to meditate and be creative.
Anyway I really hope to find the right fit :)
Thanks for reading!
Text or call me at 707 917 0140
Or email me at [email protected]