Your life of deeper meaning is calling you. This workshop will help you listen
And give you tools to keep making big changes.

Are you wondering what's next in your life?
Have you had successes?
Are you looking for change?
Or are you just confused?

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During this program, I'll guide you in a way that helps you:

• Discover or refine your vision of your ideal life
• Start looking at what's in the way of getting there
• Use creative thinking to start making your dream a reality

In this interactive day, you will 

1. Learn about the invisible laws that govern our lives.
2. Explore how to USE them to create the life you would LOVE to live!
3. Discover valuable tools to call in more meaning in your life or work.
4. Create tools to take home to remind you of the life you are creating.

We’ll also explore HOW to easily take your workshop insights back into your regular life – by understanding the invisible laws that are always at play.

Just like gravity can be harnessed for aerodynamics, you can use these invisible truths to call in more meaning to your life and work. Once you’re aware of them, you can use them to your advantage in a big way.