I'm a 54 year-old former massage therapist and current holistic healer who is really nice to work with.

I need help for 2 hours at 7:30pm on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays brushing my teeth, heating up my dinner, and completing a check list.

I need someone who is IHSS certified or willing to become certified. See below for how that works.

Must be rock solid reliable, gentle and able to take direction. I am a super supportive high vibing person to work with looking for the same.

$13hr IHSS plus free/low cost holistic healthcare benefits if you want them.

Many thanks :)
NW Santa Rosa
(Please reply with your bio and phone number)

IHSS In Home Support Services means the state and local government pays for my caregiving. What's required to sign up is being able to legally work in the US, passing a background check and getting fingerprinted (costs $52), going to an orientation and watching a video, being able to wait 4-6 weeks before being paid. It took 4 weeks for my current caregiver. You will be paid retroactively. Timecards come like clockwork after that 2x a month. I'll reimburse you the $52 fingerprinting fee if you are still with me in 3 months and we both want to continue.