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    WOMEN’S TEMPLE NIGHT - Releasing Into Freedom

    Wednesday, February 12th;6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
    Where Sebastopol, CA
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    You are invited to join " Women's Temple Night" at the Temple on Pleasant Hill, in Sebastopol, for heart-full connection, creative sharing, spiritual inspiration, sisterhood time, good food and FUN!!

    This event is by invitation. If you would like to come, please email Debra Giusti with your name and she will send an invite: [email protected]

    Releasing Into Freedom

    Cost will be $15 donation to the Temple and food for the Potluck.

    If you would like to VOLUNTEER contact Debra: [email protected]

    The Women's Temple Night takes place each the 2nd Thursday of the month. It begins with an amazingly delicious and healthy potluck that all of us will co-create. We will have time to socialize and spontaneously drop in with each other. Then we will go into The Temple for deep sharing and experiences such as Deep Wisdom Sharing, Connecting Experiences, Singing, Chanting, Dancing, Creative & Artistic Expression, Body Tales, The Forum, Healing and Nurturing of Each Other, Prayer, Social Activism Conversations, Spiritual Activations, and Oracle Speaking, and more.

    February 12 – Releasing Into Freedom: In this time of great change and uncertainty, you may often feel overwhelmed. What if you could release and let go of any negative emotional charge and the stress that accompanies it in a dynamic, fun and relaxing way? What if you could learn how to turn on the feminine hormone, oxytocin rather than running on, your adrenals? In this gathering of amazing women, you will do just that. Join us to liberate yourself from stuck energy and release into freedom. Please dress to be able to dance and move freely. The session will be facilitated by Luminessa Enjara, director of Sasse Girls, Writer, Mentor, Speaker, and Susanna Spring Ember.

    Here's the schedule:
    6:00 - Arrive for potluck
    6:15 PM – Pot luck begins (please do not arrive later than 6:30 PM)
    7:30 PM – Experiences and connections The Temple
    9:30 PM – 10 PM – Temple Experiences end - final connections and cleanup

    This group has been especially co-created for the Sonoma Women's Community, by a special group of women who feel strongly that it's time for women to come together on a regular basis, to support each other, help nurture and heal each other, express together and have FUN. Each event will be co-lead by 2 different women. This will allow the amazing talents of the women in our community to be shared, as well as a valuable experience of leading. If you would like to lead sometime in the future please email Debra at: [email protected]

    Looking forward to seeing you there!

    Much love,
    Debra Giusti

    *** Email [email protected] for Invitation ***

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