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    Meaningful conversation group

    Are you in a rut? Are you bored with most of the people you encounter? Would you like to expand your horizons and bring into your life new circle of friends? Why not start the New Year off on a different road?

    Well educated, 85 year young, conscientious, simple living, free thinker, KPFA listener who has lived a Walden-like lifestyle for decades, wishes to meet like-minded people, who see through the vacuous, consumer mania, of the contemporary American lifestyle.

    Why not give me, Marscell, a call at (707) 527-6297
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    Re: Meaningful conversation group

    Quote Posted in reply to the post by chirodok: View Post
    Consider checking out the "In The News" discussion group that meets at the Sebastopol Senior Center every Thursday morning at 10:00 AM. It sounds like you'd fit right in.

    Old Granddad
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