At the beginning of meeting Lynda Hopkins already laid out a plan of what supervisors are planning on voting on and doing. It appeared to me they have already made up their minds as to what they are going to do and how they will spend our money prior to this public meeting.It seems to me this whole meeting was more of a farce just to let the public vent- just like that of courthouse square meetings.

My suggestion at our table was for a solution and that was "What if the residents of Sonoma County were to take in 1 homeless person into their own homes?" They could triage each individual person for proper placement. I offered up my home for 1 homeless person to live with me.If enough people in the community would step up to offer housing, I believe it could help alot. I told our table and a man named Leo who works with Lynda Hopkins my suggestion. Neither our table or Leo's table mentioned my suggestion during their 1 minute speech. I thought I had brought a genuine suggestion and partial solution to the table and to Leo of which it fell on deaf ears. I do not think government alone can remedy this crisis- it takes our whole community too.