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    Homeless crisis and buried Mustard Gas oh my!

    Just when I thought things couldn't get any more surreal... the PD is reporting the site by the airport briefly proposed as a new homeless encampment site contains buried mustard gas and ordinance from WWII. I Apparently the county has known about this for 35+ years and their solution has been to prohibit digging? Anyone want to guess what a private owner would be forced to go through if it was discovered that mustard gas and unexploded ordinance was buried on their property?

    But...anyway- back to the fact that the county is trying to do something about the current situation. I'm going to say, to be generous, the fact they originally chose the airport site tells me they have no idea whatsoever what they are doing. And to be cynical- that they are simply looking for another site- that they know will not work- so they have a legal "out" to move the current encampment.

    While the airport site could have been a good option for the substantial portion of the SoCo homeless who are living in vehicles... it would be a complete failure for relocating the current Rodota Trail homeless. There is a good reason those people chose that site- beyond being county park property. Because it offers relatively easy access (in the homeless world more so than the world of people reading this), by bike, by foot, and by bus- to city/county/charity services. To food. to day labor. To alcohol. to drugs.

    I don't know what properties the county has access to...but if the displaced don't have easy access to the above...they will simply go elsewhere and create the same situation again. And I wonder- hs the county even looked at where the clusters of homeless encampments have been over the past few years? And looked at those clusters as to where it makes most sense to offer an alternative?

    And final thought- the PD article said the site would have required a state mandated environmental review. "(which would take months, optimistically). Does anyone know if this will be true of any site they choose? Or if this was just because of what was buried beneath the site? (my guess is the IS California after all)
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