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    Needed: A Bass guitar -  $800ish

    Location:  Sebastopol, Sonoma country, or Marin country area.
    Hello everyone 珞珞珞

    My name is Christian,
    I am looking for a bass guitar that is local and I can try out in person.
    I Am open to any bass that is a true player with a True Tone up and down the neck.
    I bought a 1982 G&L L2000 bass guitar a few years back from wonderful people on this site and have had a blast with it.
    My G&L unfortunately needs a refrett and it will cost a bit more than I thought, so I thought I would look around for another bass.

    I Will refrett the G&L if I canít find a bass that works for me.
    It has helped me get through some amazing times rasing my 3 beautiful children.
    They are all in college now so I want to start playing more.

    So anybody that has a bass, and want to sell one to a special home, please think of me.

    My phone number is 707-708-9611

    Always Grateful,

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