art of the story: "
Now, thanks to AAFCO’s recent actions, all of those pet food manufacturers have a serious consumer problem they weren’t counting on."

"A negative brand recognition problem…a pet owner unfriendly AAFCO brand recognition problem.
Guilt by AAFCO association.

All pet food manufacturers strive to build pet owner trust. Billions of dollars are spent each year to earn customers trust of their brands. In one (stupid) single action by AAFCO, billions of dollars spent by every pet food company building trust just flew out the window. And that trust will continue to fly out the window until an equitable resolve to AAFCO’s war against pet owners is found.
AAFCO – the Association of American Feed Control Officials – is a private organization that is provided the ability to write pet food laws. Law writing is performed at two meetings each year. Pet owners and pet owner advocates have been attending AAFCO meetings for years, wanting to have a voice in the law writing process.

A little over a month ago, AAFCO made a remarkable decision; a remarkably bias decision. AAFCO decided to ban pet owners and pet owner advocates from attending any future meeting – banned them from having a voice in the pet food law writing process. How very un-American of AAFCO.
In opposition to the Constitutional rights of every U.S. citizen, AAFCO told every pet owner and pet owner advocate that had previously participated in the pet food law writing process to ‘hit the road – we don’t want your kind here’. AAFCO banned them from participating/expressing their opinions in the pet food law writing process.