{Posting for a friend; please note contact info below}

Easygoing, looking for any safe landing spot temporarily -- Outdoors is okay! -- backyard, garage, etc - just need spot to park a 2016 Dodge Grand caravan (not an eyesore!), as it's been okay sleeping in it so far.

Don't need to actually use facilities or utilities, but Happy to pay for the privilege, And clean up afterward, leaving no 'footprint'.

Open to work trade/barter, too -- you could have a 'maid' or veritable 'servant' (NOT That kind, you perverts!) for the holidays, just for a safe place to park.

Love animals but don't have any; 215/420/710 All totally fine, light alcohol & tobacco also tolerable, but prefer to avoid 'party people' & such.

Prefer text over calls, & prefer calls over emails, though all will be received eventually -- but Sooner Is Better! (707) 757-3541

Thank you all for your time and Happy & Safe Holidays to you!