Hello my name is Lindsay Wood and my husband and I live in a Tiny Home on Wheels in Sebastopol.

If you or someone you know has land and they would like to put a Tiny Home on wheels on that land then please reach out to me [email protected] or 415-378-8398 (text is ideal).

We offer Tiny Home design services to those seeking Tiny Homes and so far the last five people have all expressed interest in having a place to land their Tiny Home once it is built. We want to help matchmake these people and thought to reach out to this community.

While there is a long list of benefits of Tiny Home ownership one of the biggest challenges is where to park them.

Even though Tiny Homes on wheels has been around for over a decade they are just now starting to gain legalized attention.

The City of Fresno and City of San Luis Obispo have both amended their Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) ordinance (legalized at the state level) to allow Moveable Tiny Homes as ADU's.

It is expected in 2020 the the City of San Diego and Los Angeles will be approving this same amendment.

Here in Sonoma County, there is a great need for affordable housing. From the fires that wiped out neighborhoods to the rising housing prices, citizens choosing to live in Sonoma County face housing shortages.

Meanwhile, there is an easy route to offering quick and affordable housing that not only helps a homeowner with additional rent, the tiny home dweller with affordable housing but the ability for Sonoma County to meet their state affordable housing mandates.

The amendment has already been legalized twice in the state of CA allowing certified, safe, well-built Moveable Tiny Homes as ADU's. The only thing we need is to become informed and educated around how to do this.

Thank you for reaching out to me if you are a homeowner and are interested in locating a Tiny Home on your property. We can get further into the details by phone or meeting in person.

From our Tiny Home to yours,
Lindsay Wood