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    $ Safe/Private Property to Park 2016 Dodge Van (temp) $

    Looking for empty lot, storage yard, back yard, carport, garage, etc. any place relatively "safe" to park our van temporarily...

    If you know of anybody at all, please let me know -- my boss gets paid Dec 3rd, & my paycheck comes in a couple days after that, so we can pay space rent, &/or work trade of course (we don't need to use facilities or utilities, though we'd be fine paying extra for the privilege):

    Been stuck in the San Leandro Marina parking lot for almost two weeks now; my boss & I were out of town in the East Bay doing DoorDash & avoiding fire chaos, when we discovered some major repairs needed (that aren't covered by ins or warranty). Need to find safe/Private Property to park on, so we can leave the 2016 van long enough to make some money without worrying about it getting towed! (Runs great but needs repairs to wheel & suspension, etc. before it can MOVE-drive).

    I've never been in this sitch before, but I guess there's a first for everything. Still have two free 100-mile tows left, if we can figure out a good place to park.... We were looking for a place in Sonoma County when fires started up again so we've been sleeping in our van temporarily. Not sure whether we should stay down in this area, where one can do DoorDash-type work (food delivery) even on a bike, or go back to Sonoma County where the mailbox and storage and at least Some people my boss knows are...? (Or Ukiah, for the same reason) -- one of us is from Sonoma County, the other from San Jose area; we both have great references! We are both also huge nature & animal adorers, eco-friendly/minimal footprint, and of course, 215-/420-friendly!

    Willing to housesit, petsit, plantsit, trim pot, clean, computer, massage (NON-certified & NON-sensual, no offense to anyone but platonic ONLY), do caregiving, yardwork, farm hand, handy man, etc.

    Please Text or Call: (707) 757-3541 (24/7 ok)

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