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    Vocal Liberation: Improv Singing

    Sunday, November 24th;1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
    Where Gaiawise - 179 Dutton Ave, Sebastopol, CA
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    Vocal Liberation - "free your soul with song"
    a vocal improv play-shop open to *ALL* levels of singers

    Returning for more after a beautiful session last month!

    Take a journey into presence through the exquisite power of vocal improvisation. Deepen your trust in the moment, others, and your own creative power through the free-flow of your voice.

    We start at 1, and *doors close* at 1:30pm
    to establish a safe container.

    Sliding scale $20-40, NOTA (no one turned away)

    led by Alana Mirror:
    Alana Mirror regularly facilitates improvisational singing circles through her creation: The Living Mirror Project: a Creative Practice of Peace. She is the former co-director of the Puna Women's Chorus and the director/visionary of The Mirror Muses: a collective of women devoted to bringing presence and peace through improvisational singing. Learn more about her at

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