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    Please Support West County Teachers

    From North Bay Jobs With Justice:

    The West County School Board is using funds that would have gone to Special Ed or livable wages for teachers and giving it to a wealthy lawyer who goes from school district to school district helping to sue low-income teachers. They are suing over the teachers taking a legal strike Wed.

    Reminder: The school board doesn't provide AC or heat in all the classrooms and it was 90 degrees on the first day of school. Teachers and students went home sick and vomiting. The School board has nearly $3 million in unrestricted surplus funds but won't buy ACs among other needs.

    Please support the teachers by:

    1. Coming to Hopmunk tomorrow at 2pm (Monday) or donating to their GoFundMe for the hardship fund for these low wage teachers striking for their students.

    2. A judge on the Superior Court will hear the lawsuit case this Tuesday morning (Nov 12) at 8am. Please meet us at 7:30am to go support, or join us in courtroom 16 or 17 (Info at the front).

    3. Join the strike line Wed morning: 7am at 3 different locations:

    • Analy High School (6950 Analy Ave, Sebastopol)
    • El Molino High School (7050 Covey Road in Forestville) and
    • Laguna High School til 9am (445 Taft St, Sebastopol)
    4. Attend the West County School Board meeting Wednesday evening to demand they settle the contract and shame them for suing low-wage teachers. 6pm at El Molino High.

    5. Tell the Superintendents (including your own) and the West County School Board president what you think of their inexcusable actions:

    6. SPREAD THE WORD! These teachers are being sued not just by their school board but the entire consortium of Sonoma County Superintendents. Tell your Superintendent it is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE to bully, intimidate and harass teachers out of taking a lawful strike. We will not live in a community where people in power bully low wage workers and hard-working teachers!!

    They make pennies to care for our children, they deserve to work and live with dignity.

    Please share on social media:

    Thank you.

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