I have a 2005 Silver Prius, with only 86,000 miles in good condition, which I'm selling because my body prefers to be high up. My hips and knees suffer in a low vehicle, even with a thick cushion.

I had a 97 4Runner that I loved. I drove that for 9 years, with no major repairs. When I first bought it, the mileage was 235,000, and 9 years later it was 260,000. I don't drive much, and haven't with the Prius I've had for 2 years.

I'm kinda attached to Toyotas because of the good luck I've had with them over the years.

So, if you have one, or know of someone who does, and would like to sell, let me know. I could go higher, if the RAV4 is a really good deal. I'll have it checked out by my mechanic, who specializes in Toyotas.

I still have to sell my Prius, but could put a deposit on a RAV4 to hold it.

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415 939-5259