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    Podcast Episode 2: Embracing Your Uniqueness with Gayle Whitlock, LMFT

    TITLE: “Embracing Your Uniqueness” with Gayle Whitlock, LMFT
    PODCAST: "Creating the Life You Want"
    Episode #: 2
    DATE: October 2019
    Host/Creator: Sonya M. Kelly, PhD

    "Creating the Life You Want." a monthly PODCAST discussing different components and topics of designing, manifesting and building the happy, healthy, purposeful life of your dreams. Hosted by, Dr. Sonya M Kelly, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, author, Spiritual Healer and founder of Golden Temple Meditations in Cotati, CA. Each month, Dr. Kelly will interview a guest on how they have created the life they want; engage in conversations with guests on a particular topic related to living one’s dream life; or share her knowledge, insights and personal experiences surrounding a particular component of a consciously designed life.

    This second podcast episode is called, "Embracing Your Uniqueness." The guest this month is Gayle Whitlock, LMFT. She is a psychotherapist in Santa Rosa, Ca who preferred clients are those who have been marginalized by society due to gender preference, race, culture, and/or religion as well as having been orphaned, raised in the foster care system, adopted or raised by extended family instead of their biological parents. Ms. Whitlock shares her story of how she was raised by her grandmother after the death of her own mother, how she is embracing her own uniqueness while helping others to do the same. She can be reached via her website,

    Dr. Kelly is available for Video or Telehealth psychotherapy sessions as well as seeing clients in person in her Santa Rosa and Petaluma, California offices. She takes debit/credit cards, Medicare and Medi/Medi insurance. Her audiobook, "Meditative Visualization; How 2 Minutes a Day Can Change Your Life," is available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, Audible, and at her website,

    Dr. Kelly can be contacted via her email, [email protected]. or at 707-292-6714.
    We hope you have enjoyed this podcast and will join us for next month's
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