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Thread: Faltering
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    Like the top of yet another wave
    Destined and designed
    To fall endlessly, every time
    Enigma of planetary change
    Another promise misunderstood
    Never kept
    Surviving beyond the grave
    Winning a ride on fate’s carousel of conception
    While seeds like you and me
    Wait to plant ourselves
    Wait to make it all better
    Wait in line for a sign
    Wait for some fictitious America to wake up and do Something
    Wait for the End of the World
    Faltering, I remember
    Unplanted seeds do not dream the dream of Life
    Never seek the light
    They wait
    We wait
    And I have learned patience
    And I have learned indifference
    And I have been taught not to care
    And gradually
    Nothing is real anymore
    We have opened every drawer of Pandora’s box
    All the emotions are out on the table
    There’s only a little bit of Hope left in the bottom left corner of the Box
    While Despair stalks the bones of our 21st century entitlements
    And Fear laughs boldly from center stage
    We stare extinction in the face
    Scoffing at scientists’ warnings
    Lemmings not so much led to slaughter as dancing towards it
    Faltering only at the last moment
    To say
    🌔 Kym Trippsmith 10-23-19 10:04pm

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    Re: Faltering

    You said it so well~

    Quote Mamazon wrote: View Post
    Last edited by Barry; 11-05-2019 at 07:42 PM.
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