Please consider voting for Carol Schmitt for the Occidental Community Services District Board of Directors. To find out if you live within the OCSD check your property tax form (or look at your ballot). This Board is the only elected governmental entity in Occidental and we need to have new ideas and input. Carol has been working as the Chair for the Bohemian Corridor Business Alliance for the last year since its inception. She is clear, organized, and willing to work hard to make Occidental a productive, wonderful town. She has been involved with forward movement, such as researching EV chargers, community solar and creating a resilient micro-grid for the town, part of an OCSD LAFCO subcommittee working with Supervisor Lynda Hopkins and other County offices trying to find more infrastructure funding, installing improved public restroom facilities, organizing our annual Holiday Weekend in Occidental that debuted in 2019, supporting the safer, community-focused Farmers Market, and the like. We need Carol on our Board! Remember: most of our local businesses are run by women. This is the 21st Century! Please help us elect Carol for responsible representation.