I am looking for recommendations from someone who has actually used a fabulous caregiver and can give me a glowing recommendation. Also, has anyone had a good experience with a Fijian care giver they can recommend? I've heard good things about the Fijian caregiver network in Sonoma Co.

I am recovering from a recent car accident and will be moving in with friends near Montgomery Villiage for a few months to continue recovering. I will need the help of a part-time caregiver/assistant. It will be a hybrid position. I need help with some of the usual caregiver duties, but I also need help with more assistant type things like light grocery shopping, Amazon returns, laundry, etc. I'm not exactly sure how many days/hours I need yet, as I continue to improve and will have a better idea in a few days. Iím guessing at first I may need a few hours every other day. Also, I would need someone who charges reasonable rates. I can speak with perspective candidates in more detail about pay and tasks, etc if I get some good recommendations. I jneed to get the word out quickly as I'll need someone perhaps as early as the week of 10/14.
Thanks, Lisa