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    Gas Station Proposal: Highway 12/Llano Road - October Updates

    Good Evening All,

    We hope you enjoyed your September, welcome to October!

    Gas Station Proposal Status: We have reason to believe that the gas station proposal will be on the agenda at the Board of Zoning Adjustments (BZA) ( some time before the end of the year. We are required to receive 30-days' notice when it is calendared, so it is not going to be heard in October. The remaining regularly scheduled dates in the year are November 14 and 28, and December 12 and 26. But Nov. 28 is Thanksgiving and Dec. 26 is the day after Christmas, so... it may be a specially scheduled hearing if it is not on 11/14 or 12/12. We will let you know as soon as we know. As a reminder, the next step for the proposal is a decision by the County's BZA to approve or deny a use permit. BZA meetings are generally on 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 1pm.

    Yes, you can help stop the gas station! Here's how...

    Letters-to-the-Editor - Press Democrat
    Send in a letter to the Press Democrat! Email: [email protected]com Let's keep the buzz going! For your email/letter, please customize and individualize it as much as possible. Include only the talking points that resonate most for you, or better yet, come up with your own points! But remember to keep it below 200 words! See attached handout for ideas.

    Letters from individuals and organizations to decision-makers: We now have over 100 letters in total and over a dozen from Sonoma County-based organizations - thank you! If you are a member of a Sonoma County-based organization, see if they can send a letter if they haven't already. You can see your letter and all letters in the via the Citizen Access Portal
    ( (register and type in PLP13-0023). Keep them coming, they’re being noticed! If you have not yet written a personal letter, please do. Use the attached handout if you need a few talking points. It also has the info on where to send your email/letter. The main staff person is Kyreen Gonzalez ([email protected]) who will include it in the file where it is shared with all the decision-makers.

    Posting Fliers: We need people who would like to have some fun going around town (Sebastopol? Santa Rosa? Somewhere in between?) posting fliers at places where you can post fliers (community centers, markets, cafés, etc.). The flier is attached! Go for it!

    Petitions: We currently have over 800 petition signatures. The more the better so if you can help gather signatures and need blank petitions, a blank is attached to this message. We also need help entering the info from the petitions into the googlesheet.

    Issue Experts: To help review and comment on Water, traffic, biology, geology, soils, air quality, etc., reports associated with the project. If you are, or know and expert in a given environmental issue area and have time to review, let us know!

    OK, that’s all for now!
    -Woody (and Jenny)

    Photo of poster at the Climate Action Concert 9/8/19

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    Re: Gas Station Proposal: Highway 12/Llano Road - October Updates

    Here's a copy of the letter I just sent to the officials you gave us. Thanks Woody. I'll print out some fliers, too.


    This is a totally terrible and completely unnecessary idea. As I’m sure you’ve heard by now many local citizens in the area—Including me—a Sebastopol resident—feel that we already have plenty of gas stations to chose from within a five mile area of this location and we are very worried about the effects of having these toxins so close to the Laguna. And the danger it would pose to cars traveling on Highway 12—it’s already difficult to allow for cars and trucks pulling in and out of this busy roadway.

    So please—just say NO!!!
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    Re: Gas Station Proposal: Highway 12/Llano Road - October Updates

    Today I posted an article on my FB Solutonaries page:

    First U.S. Gas Station to Switch to All-Electric Charging Opens in Maryland
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