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    Noise from low flying jets over Sebastopol

    I've been noticing more frequent noise from low flying large commercial airplanes over (or just east) of Sebastopol lately. I am not happy about it. I'm not sure what the answer is but it sure would be nice if it stopped!

    There are 2 methods to file a complaint:

    By Phone: (707) 544-4787 - available 24/7

    You'll get a recorded message asking you to leave as much information possible including :

    • description of the aircraft - best if you can notice the airline
    • time and day it occurred
    • "nature of operation" - I said a low and loud large commercial jet.
    You can also file a complaint on line by going to the airport's "Aircraft Complaints & Flight Traffic" page.

    There you will find a flight tracking tool, its fun to use, but I don't see how it is helpful, accept perhaps identifying the precise time of the disturbance. There's a "Add complaints" button on the bottom of the tool leading to a comprehensive complaint form.

    Have you noticed more airplane noise?
    Have you filed a complaint yet?

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    Re: Noise from low flying jets over Sebastopol

    I've been away more than in the can't comment. But there's a great free (ad supported) app called "Flight Radar" that should give you the callsign and flight info on any plane/helicopter in the area.

    IDK... I do know Charles Schultz airport is trying to grow. For many here in the county that provides new opportunities. For many more it provides new nuisances.

    Like CVS, the Barlow, the new hotel....and like the creep of grapes before them...

    A folkie musician who has played in Seb a good bit... Greg Brown...has a great tune- "Boom Town".For better or (probably) worse... that's the reality.

    Sorry to be glib. Probably why I have a hard time putting down roots anywhere. You got this cool little place... but its kinda boring and struggle. Then you got a scene where artists and musicians can make a buck. Some cool restaurants. Some... But then..."what became of my town"?
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