Do you dream of a healthy you?

Our local practitioners and vendors will help you:

  • Reduce the confusion of navigating the many options by yourself.
  • Discover, create, and maintain your personal path to wellbeing in body, mind, and spirit.

Do any of these resonate with you?

  • PTSD… trauma, fires, pain
  • Stress. . . family, work, overwhelm
  • Depression… chronic crying, loneliness, grief
  • Anxiety… money, job, self esteem

Sunday, September 29
Free to attend.
Some services have a small cost.
All ages are welcome.

Enjoy talks, demos, mini-sessions,
wellness products, booths, and more.

Some of the offerings include:
*Aromatherapy & Flower Essences - Anna Bazarnaya of Maitri Verde*
*Essential Oil Soaps - Melissa Ivy of Wild Sonoma Soaps*
Ear Seed Acupressure for Stress Relief - Chelsea Lindan, LAc, of Essential Qi, Traditional Healing Arts*
*Gua sha Facial Massages/Lymphatic Drainage - Katie Brooke Callahan*
*Healing with the Energy of Love: EFT, Reiki, Human Design - Cecile Marie of Feminine Healing Arts*
*Heart Access with Tuning Forks - Diana Borges of The Borges Experience*
*Herbal Tea Blends & Botanical Body Care - Alanna Sullivan of Marigold Apothecary*
*Lay On Hands Healing, Spiritual Intuitive Tarot Readings - Puja Dean*
*Reading Sacred Mysteries, The Chakra Oracle - Kooch Daniels*
*Singing Bowl Healing, Meditation, Earth Medicine, Health & Wellness - Jesse Stark*
*Sound Healing - Sue Wilhite of Positively Success*
*Transformational Hypnotherapy, Wise Mind - Marlene Patterson*
*Yoga for the Eyes: Vision Healing – Pnina Zoharah*