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    Improv for business owners

    Wednesday, September 25th;6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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    Women of Impact and Influence with Michelle Maree

    I'm super excited about this FREE intro evening.

    I have used improv in my work as a drama teacher/ director and as a drama therapist for 20 years.

    As someone who has struggled with perfectionism and anxiety, it is been a tool that has opened up my world and helped me to stay present and grounded. And it's freaking fun!!

    It's funny, until I started learning more about mindfulness practices I never would have considered improv amindfulness practice... But I do now!

    Come learn how to talk about your business in a way that is spontaneous, grounded and heart centered. Learn how to build connection instead of delivering your spiel.

    If you are a business owner / entrepreneur this workshop is for you!
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