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    Michael Moore reviews Joe Biden's performance during the CNN climate debate

    Posted on Facebook 5 Sept. 2019

    A few words from Michael Moore

    Last night on CNN at their Climate Change Town Hall, a student asked Joe Biden, who had months ago pledged to take NO fossil fuel money, why he was having an NYC fundraiser tonight hosted by Andrew Goldman, the founder of the natural gas co Western LNG. Biden denied Goldman had anything to do with fossil fuels and tried to change the subject. Anderson Cooper wouldn’t let him. Cooper told Biden exactly who Goldman was. Biden pretended to be surprised. Cooper then asked him if he was still going to attend the fundraiser. Biden said if it’s true, then he’d have to reconsider. Cooper said it was true and now CNN is reporting that Biden is indeed attending the fundraiser tonight. Wow. This is so stunning — and I’m sure depressing for the good people who like Biden.

    Listen— We can NOT go through this again, my friends. As with Hillary taking GoldmanSachs $$ and then trying to pretend nothing happened, we can NOT risk this again. Our base will stay home once more if Biden is the candidate and it’s politics as usual. If they see he’s in cahoots w/ Fossil Fuel, that he has lied, they will not say, “So what — Trump’s a bigger liar!” They will just give up. Trust me on this. We need a completely honest and authentic candidate, the Anti-Trump, a street fighter, someone who when they say they’ll take NO fossil fuel $$, they not only keep their promise, they will go after tooth-and-nail and put somebody like Andrew Goldman out of business. They don’t attend a fundraiser of his fat cats!

    Joe — you’re driving there right now! For God’s sake, turn your limousine around immediately and apologize to the American people. You think u can beat Trump. So what! Hillary beat him! Didn’t matter! We need a candidate who will CRUSH him because that candidate has INSPIRED a tsunami of voters with her or his INTEGRITY and his/her progressive vision of what the 21st century should be. That, Joe, isn’t you.

    Finally, last night you said that we are only 15% of the climate change problem — “85% of it is the rest of the world’s (fault).” Are you serious? Wall Street, Corporate America, the poor everywhere who make our goods for us, our exploitation of the entire planet — please, Joe, stop.
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