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    Dave and Sweetie

    What're we gonna do, Dave? What are we gonna do?”
    “I don't know, Sweetie. I have no fucking idea.”
    “You'd think the county would have a plan. An evacuation like they do in an earthquake.”
    “Only they don't. I don't think there is a government any more. Last week we had those shootings. That gang of crazies that ran through here.”
    “We were lucky they didn't find us. They were killing everybody.”
    “Yeah, and then some cops and national guard came and killed them all.”
    “Sweetie, I don't think there is anything we can do. Nothing. The old lady next door died on her front porch and her body's still there rotting. Crows came and ate her eyes out.”
    “Is that what's going to happen to us, Dave? I'm scared. Really scared.”
    “I guess so, Sweetie. We're out of food. The last time we tried the Safeway it was destroyed. Windows all smashed out. Looted. We're done for.”
    “Well, Davey, I have loved you. At least we'll be together at the end.”
    “C'mon. Something will come up for us. It always has.”
    “Not this time, Dave. I think we should get real.”
    “What do you mean?”
    “I do not want to get shot to death like those poor fuckers across the street.”
    “Sweetie. Pull yourself together.”
    “Dave, I can't hold my head up I'm so weak. We haven't eaten anything in over a week. You know that?”
    “You've got to stay awake okay. Don't give up.”
    “Sweetie! Talk to me!”
    “Sweetie. Sweetie. I'm trying to get over there to hold you, but I can't make it. Please, God, don't let it end like this.”
    I am an author. Words are my art form. I've tried politics in an attempt to deal with the end of life in our world. I've written a book, "Requiem for a Dying World" about the causes and meanings. Now I'm sending out these little conversation exchanges in an attempt to make the Sixth Extinction real. We humans are terrified of death, and because the Sixth Extinction foretells our death as individuals and as a species, foretells the death of our beautiful world, we deny it and don't talk about it. Star Man

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    Re: Dave and Sweetie

    "Enjoying" your posts. So easy to relate to. Looked for your book at the library but no. Perhaps you can get some copies in there?


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