Dear Sister~

  • Are you single and ready to attract your ideal mate or life partner?
  • Do you worry it's too late for you or that your soulmate doesn't exist?
  • Do you fear you're doing something wrong and wish it could be easier?
In this interactive presentation, enjoy experiential embodied exercises to activate and reclaim your innate feminine super powers to make attracting conscious love and intimate partnership more joyful, pleasurable and effortless that you ever thought possible.

In just 2 hours, you will learn:
* Why “feminine manifesting” is the key you’ve been waiting for to empower yourself in dating and attract everything you’ve always wanted in love and romantic partnership
* What your 3 “Feminine SuperPowers” are and how to activate them so you can stop chasing love and instead allow love and your ideal partner to find you!
* How to dissolve the fear, self-doubt and insecurity that keeps you stuck and instantly shift back into magnetic MANifesting mode, with ease and grace

The problem today is, the ways you’ve been taught as a woman to find love don't work. Fortunately, with the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine, we are remembering feminine ways of manifesting, based upon Laws of Nature and little known, highly powerful ancient priestess teachings.

You too can learn how to activate your inherent creative power as a woman and apply it to love and romance. When you do, you’ll begin to effortlessly magnetize your dreams for lasting love and partnership to you.
The days of dating apps and lonely nights will soon be over!


"Jan Robinson is such a wonderfully fun and skilled teacher of bliss ♥" ~Janis M., Transpersonal Psychologist

"After working with Jan, I now have men in my life who meet me in ways where I feel honored and seen." ~Monet C., Acupuncturist

“It’s so phenomenal to be in a relationship now with a man who’s both awake and aware within himself and successful out in the world. I was beginning to doubt such a man even existed. Thank you, Jan.” ~Lynn R., Executive Coach