January, 2020
Hello, my name is Julie, a quiet and friendly 60 year old woman with an 8lb. highly trained chihuahua. My current Landlord will be moving back to his rental that I have been sharing, so it is necessary to find a new home. I shared rent in the same 3 bedroom home for 9 years in Rincon Valley, Santa Rosa. My landlord has provided me with a glowing letter of reference regarding this 9 year tenancy, stating, "Julie has been an excellent tenant. Her monthly payment has always been submitted on time and accurately. Julie has shown significant respect to the property and other tenants on the property." If you wish, I would be happy to provide you with a copy of my landlord's letter I have quoted from here and also a letter from the supervising co-tenant who shared that same rental with me during those 9 years. My landlord returned my entire pet deposit and the security deposit was returned after deducting for shared utilities.

I was a dental assistant and office supervisor for 28 years and learned to keep my space and common areas clean and organized which is how I also keep my home. I clean up after myself and Miss Roxy(outside) which is where we both love to be when weather permits. I began making jewelry and rock planters and fountains after leaving dentistry, which make great gifts. Much of the time, I work on my creations outside and would love to find a place that has a little space for that. I am an avid reader and live by "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz. I read Metaphysics and Science Fiction, two of my favorite Genres and enjoy learning about ancient indigenous cultures of the Earth. I don't watch television, but I do enjoy occasional movies, but I am open to using headphones while watching a movie.

I have guaranteed monthly income since I receive a disability check because of a spinal condition and prefer to have monthly rent and utilities of $750 or less. My health maintenance is well managed as I have learned what not to do to avoid flare ups and I do keep a positive attitude. I also work part-time. I am a good cook and enjoy cooking for others. Being empathic served me well in my career, but I avoid emotional drama as that becomes too draining for anyone. Sometimes I enjoy inviting friends or family to visit. I also like to be alone, reading or meditating in my room. I am respectful of others privacy, space and property and appreciate the same from my housemates. Although I prefer living in Santa Rosa again, I am open to looking at other towns near Santa Rosa.

I am available to move-in at any time and have the funds available for a deposit, rent and utilities. If I sound like a possible match as a housemate, I would love to speak with you in person. A friend used his computer and account to post my ad here since I am currently having trouble with my computer, but you can reach me by calling me or texting me at 707-322-8461. Best Regards to You, Julie