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    YOU CAN join GLOBAL YOUTH STRIKE 9/20, noon, Courthouse Sq., Santa Rosa

    Friday, September 20th;12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
    Where Santa Rosa’s Courthouse Square
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    YOU CAN Join GLOBAL YOUTH STRIKE 9/20, noon, Courthouse Sq., Santa Rosa

    So HOW can Sonoma County folks boost the upcoming HUGE GLOBAL YOUTH STRIKE 9/20 called by famed Swedish Greta Thunberg, 16, and just the beginning of ongoing climate actions designed to lead to adoption of the Green New Deal and serious reversal of climate crisis with justice?

    Come to Santa Rosa’s Courthouse Square 9/20 between 4 and 5th street at noon for a rally and tabling…pay attention online; look up and Sunrise if you haven’t. Emails and texts will follow; you’ll be part of history in the making immediately! And you can start now by reading up, catching up, planning your next few days to meet the challeges.

    • Progressive Festival last Sunday in Petaluma’s Walnut Park? We handed out fliers and linked up with dear activist friends.
      – Extinction Rebellion gatherings: hand out fliers and/or gather theirs!
      – Climate Action Concert Benefit for Daily Acts? We’ll show up with fliers for 9/20
      – Elders Climate Action <[email protected]> Listened to zoom call…not quite ready for Elders label!
    Sunrise ZOOM call this week brought focus on Moral Disruption until we get a Green New Deal actually. Sunrise plan:
    start a hub, a group, in EVERY high school in the nation, in every college, each hub with a Strike Captain, each Strike Captain adding 10 friends including another Strike Captain. Wow! The energy behind this is HUGE…you go, kids of all ages. And that’s what the bottom line is: WE NEED ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE…so support our youth by showing up! And we start now by letting more people know about the series of strikes and actions starting September 20, 2019…believe I’ll recall that date. So now you are informed (more when you go to their sites!)

    My notes from Sunrise call:
    Sunrise has as its Northstar Mass non-cooperation.
    – Role of youth is Moral Disruptors
    – Truth to power
    – Hopeful vision of a better world put forth
    – Seeking interdendence in this eco-system (they need $$$)
    – Don’t try to do it all – policy is for others (like Center for Climate Protection)
    – Maintain indepdence from other groups
    – Climate Strike will escalate actions
    – Lay the blame on fossil fuel companies
    – Organize the unorganized to the level needed to WIN the GREEN NEW DEAL
    – Become a recruitment captain, recruiting at least 10 and one other Strike Captain (recruitment captain)
    Stopped zoom call 6min. so people could call their friends; got 150 pledges
    – Goal is a Strike Captain in EVERY high school in the USA

    Ready to pitch in and become a Strike Captain?
    It is stressful but worth it. If yes, go to

    My bit: finding local hub and offering to go to schools with people if they want moral support. I know this is scary and am willing to take some of that on myself. What will YOU do?

    Greta T. reminded us the planet is burning, our house in on fire, we must act and our youth face consequences even more dire than our adults. So let’s follow the lead of youth and join in, support, get busy Saving the Humans by supporting Sunrise, the Green New Deal and the Global Youth Strike…and will you’re at it, check out Climate Mobilization and the 965(?) cities who have declared Climate Emergency, the solutions to climate crisis offered by DRAWDOWN, the bottomline of every environmental organization – we are, truly, all one.
    It’s our turn to clean the kitchen. Get ready to scrub.

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    Re: YOU CAN join GLOBAL YOUTH STRIKE 9/20, noon, Sebastopol Plaza

    Location:  Santa Rosa’s Courthouse Square
    We will also be at the Sebastopol plaza, starting at noon, this Friday, 9/20, to join the Global Youth Strike. Please consider joining us at either place, to be one of the millions expressing concern about the climate crisis.
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