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    Karuna Flow YOGA with Olivia at Collective in Sebastopol

    Monday, August 19th;7:15 pm - 9:15 pm
    Where 961 Gravenstein Hwy S., Suite 130, Sebastopol, CA
    Cost free
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    Karuna Flow YOGA with Olivia Josephine at Collective in Sebastopol

    Karuna Flow: An evolved, integrative, holistic Vinyassa style of yoga steeped in compassion, intention, and sanctity. The classes are mindfully designed to be accessible to all, with an emphasis on functional anatomy, organic flow, breath/body/mind connection and union.

    Schedule for August 2019:

    Mondays, 5:30-6:45 pm: AIR- Slow karuna flow with breath awareness highlighted. Emphasis on creating space in the body and gently exploring our capacity to stretch ourselves.

    Mondays, 7:15-8:30 pm: EARTH- A gentle practice incorporating poses with longer holds; Yin/Vin. Super accessible, with an emphasis on relaxation and grounding.

    Thursday 9-10:15 am: FIRE- A stronger more challenging practice that builds heat and strength while moving stagnant energy and transforming the body.

    Thursday 11am-12:15pm: WATER- Slow karuna flow with commUNITY tea ceremony following practice. Come meet your community in practice!

    *As an introduction, for the month of August, classes are offered by donation/give what you can with ALL proceeds going towards building a water well for a community in need of accessible clean water in Ebonyi State, Nigeria.
    Please come discover if these classes are for you!

    * Please bring your own yoga mat! All other necessary props provided.

    About the instructor:
    Olivia Josephine, CYT, is a well-rounded and devoted yogi with a background in holistic health and philosophy. She has practiced yoga for over 10 years and pulls from her many years of travel and exploration; both inner and outer! Olivia is also trained in herbalism, medicinal aromatherapy, reiki and energy work, meditation, dance practices and other therapeutic modalities. She is a deep dark well with a surface of dappling sunlight; meaning, she offers depth and wisdom, presented with a light-hearted and loving energy. Her intention in guiding yoga classes is to craft well-rounded and thoughtful sequences which provide students with a proggressive experience of holistic well-being. She creates a peaceful and safe environment for you to come explore yourself on the mat and build your strength, flexibility, and energy.

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