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    Llano & Highway 12 Gas Station Proposal - August Updates

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    Hello All, some updates/info for early August...

    First I want to say that I consulted with our wonderful Wacco host Barry about the best way to present this info. Since things change and are updated, and old stuff in previous posts may become obsolete, Barry recommended that I start new threads when there is new info. So this is a new one, and Barry has removed the old one/s in hopes of avoiding confusion.

    OK, attached is a revised handout and petition. Both are revised to reflect that the fuel storage tanks are planned to be ABOVE GROUND, very close to the Joe Rodota trail. That might help address the leaking underground storage tank problem, but it introduces a whole new set of risks. In the handout we have also added our Facebook page and two other important recipients of letters, the two Planning Commissioners for County District 5, where the proposed gas station is located.

    Handout: Share online, print, post on coffee shop bulletin boards, etc.
    Petition: Print, get signatures from your neighbors, at your workplace, events, etc. and return them to me. (We can make arrangements)

    If you have not yet sent an email/letter, please do. We have learned that letters are being noticed and are causing a stir! Let's keep stirring! Some points you can make:

    • There is no need for a gas station in this location. There are 7 existing stations within a 5-mile radius, one just a mile down the road
    • This proposal is out of line... it requires a General Plan Amendment and a zone change - what's the point of General Plans and zones if you change them for unnecessary thing like this?

    See other points in the handout. Here the people to send your emails to:

    As a reminder, this proposal will next come up at the County's Board of Zoning Adjustments (BZA). The BZA usually meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 1pm. There is no meeting on August 8. The next date it may be on the agenda is August 22. Mark your calendar and we will alert you as early as possible.

    Lastly, for those of you who want to get more involved, we have a googlegroup where more frequent info updates and discussions occur. Contact me if you'd like to hop on that listserv.

    OK, that's all for now,

    Till next time,
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    Re: Llano & Highway 12 Gas Station Proposal - August Updates

    Above ground storage? Wow! This is clearly a wish balloon. This kind of fuel storage has not been a public option since mid late twentieth century. Fires happen. Especially with the wider public gassing up their autos. Is this really a serious proposal?
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