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    "Jews Are Tired"

    I liked this article a lot. Forwarding for your consideration too, xoM

    When Non-Jews Wield Anti-Semitism as Political Shield

    In recent weeks, some Republicans have raised the specter of anti-Semitism as a convenient distraction from detention camps and racist tropes. And the Jews are tired of it.

    July 17, 2019


    ...the meme... phrase “The Jews Are Tired.” (is) an all-purpose response for Gentile fuckery—speaking for Jews, about Jews, around Jews, against Jews, utilizing us without our consent or input. Black background, white letters: The Jews Are Tired.

    And after the past few days, in which a fleet of Republicans and the president himself have utilized Jews as human shields for racist rhetoric, the Jews are tired, tired, tired of being used as defenses against naked racism, tired of being used to justify conditions at detention camps. Just plain tired.

    ...There are millions of Jews living in this country, who have known no other home than America, many of whom have strong objections to racism–and who vote, in a supermajority, for the Democratic Party. Jews and Israel are not synonymous; nor is support for Palestine synonymous with anti-Semitism; nor is questioning the orthodoxy of the Republican party, which the majority of us do with relish, an insult to Jewry... It’s not a surprise, though, that the Republican establishment makes public statements about its superglued-to-Netanyahu foreign policy as if it inoculates them against anti-Semitism. Nor is this the first time Trump has conflated American Jews with Israel...

    ...The strongest supporters of an uncritical, anti-Palestinian foreign policyare white evangelical Christians—the most politically mobilized segment of the president’s base, and his audience for these remarks, and these actions. Their support for Israel is grounded in an apocalyptic vision in which Palestine is “restored” to the Jews—the Palestinians expelled or slaughtered, it makes no matter—and the Jews subsequently convert en masse, disappearing into the flock of the righteous... In this Revelations-tinted vision, Jews are pawns, too, a populace to be maneuvered into the correct conditions for a welcomed end of days, and to vanish, with all our particularities, into the fold of believers in Christ. Erasure is the condition of their allegiance.

    ... on Tuesday, July 15, one thousand “Jews and allies” led by a group called #NeverAgainAction and the immigrant justice group Movimiento Cosecha enacted a protest in Washington, D.C., blockading the entrances and exits to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency’s headquarters and the approaching street. Their chief slogan defied those who would use Jews’ bloody history to deny present atrocities; those who would utilize Jews as weapons to silence anti-racists; those who want us to wait, meekly, to be cozened by Christ in the end of days. What they chanted, holding hands, were four simple words: “Never Again is Now.”
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    Re: "Jews Are Tired"

    Thank you, anaturalwoman, for initiating this Post. I just want you to know that you have opened up a can of worms...

    You make some very telling points. And, in the voice of an old Borsht Belt Comedian {for those of you out of that loop, See "MR. SATURDAY NIGHT"}:

    "Jews are Tired? Jews, Shmooze. Isn't Everybody?"

    And, in response, I can honestly say - for myself - "Mischlings, Also, are tired."

    I would like to put my two cents into this heap: First, I will appear in the role of the Christian apologist, and say that the form of 'pseudo-christianity' that is known as "Christian Zionism" is a fairly recent development, and that it has some very murky roots. Let no-one think that it has anything to to with authentic, first century Christianity - which was Jewish - because it does not.

    It originated in the same Quarters and from the exact same sources as the "Rapture Doctrine," in the London church of a charismatic preacher who was popular and died young, named Edward Irving. He got the pre-millenialist portion of his new-fangled "doctrines" - O, and they were new in the London of the 1820's - from a Portugese Jesuit named Manuel Lacunza. The secret rapture portion of this doctrine was confirmed, in the mind of Edward Irving, by the visions of a young woman of fifteen named Margaret MacDonald, who lived up on the Firth of Clyde, in Scotland.

    With this strange brew in his mind, Edward Irving descended from his native Scotland to London, and set up a church. He was handsome and charismatic.
    He became wildly popular. The public is fickle and always like things that are novel, and au currant. O, and this was. There had never been anything like it before in Christendom. It was brand new. The beat goes on...

    Dying young, and leaving a 'beautiful memory', the torch of spreading Pre-millenial Rapture doctrine was taken up from Edward Irving by an Anglo-Irish gentleman by the name of John Nelson D'Arby, who, with a little help from his banker / friend, Henry Drummond, promoted the new doctrines all around - all over the world. In America, after the Civil War, the seed struck fertile ground in a man named Gabelain, and his convert, a certain Cyrus Scofield.

    It is the Scofield Reference Bible that has been the main culprit, since 1911, when it was published, Surprise ! by Oxford University Press, in spite of the fact that the doctrines in it run counter to all the old Church of England dogma. Not so surprisingly, the Oil barons of the Time, John D. Rockefeller I, and Henri Deterdjing of Dutch Royal Shell put a whole scad of money into promoting this bit of work - the Scofield Reference Bible - from the beginning. They saw the advantages in it and were working the angles - from the jump.

    Let me explain: The Scofield Reference Bible is the hallmark, and ground Zero document of the so-called "Christian Zionists." It was a bit of work cooked up - and served - by the same rich cadre who were working behind the scenes towards the establishment of a "Jewish State in Palestine." -And they are by no means all Jewish.

    No, Christian Zionism, as an essential cohort & "ally" of "Zionism" proper, has been a scheme of the elites, from the beginning. Just look at Henri Deterdjing, master of Dutch / Royal Shell. He was certainly wasn't Jewish. He went on to become a big financial backer of Adolf Hitler. Neither was Rockefeller "Jewish."

    The Project of wresting so-called "Palestine" from the Ottoman Empire, and establishing a British Mandate in the Area - from the Geo-political standpoint of the Anglo-American capitalists - was largely about securing the Oil of the Arabian Peninsula, and a secure port - Haifa, from which to ship it abroad. O, and also about having a base from which to protect the Suez Canal & the shipping lanes from London to the "Jewel in the Crown," India.

    Once the Mandate was established, in 1919, {via the Balfour Declaration of 1917} the Pre-millenialist Evangelical camp, using the 'Scofield Reference Bible' as their Map, could begin to declare, "See, prophesy is being fulfilled !"

    I tell you, "Yes, Jews are tired."

    Here is a link to an article by a Christian who is not a "Christian Zionist" and who considers the Whole pile to be a big, dangerous heresy. Two links:

    [To Be CONT'D...]
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