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    Karl Frederick
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    Assange: Saboteur or Scapegoat?

    Take everything you've heard about Julian Assange from MSM sources and see how those impressions square with the observations of the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. In a nutshell, it seems Assange is being railroaded. This is a wake-up call:
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    Re: Assange: Saboteur or Scapegoat?

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    Thank you for your post, Karl. In my opinion Julian Assange is certainly not a villain - I would tend to the Scapegoat! side of the equation. Interesting, isn't it, that Donald Trump, the sitting POTUS, doesn't seem to be lifting a finger when it comes to seeking Justice for the man who more than anyone served to help get him elected. I am referring, of course, to leaking the John Podesta / Hilary Clinton emails. At the time, Donald blurted "I love Wikileaks." But Now? Where is Donald, now that Julian Assange could use his help?

    I think it is probably the case that Democrats are tending to not come to the defense of Julian Assange because they still resent the fact that his leaking of the Podesta emails was the equivalent of the "October Surprise" in 2016. After all, prior to his doing that, Assange was considered by all accounts to be a man of the left.

    So Democrats, {evidently, & generally} consider Assange's deed to be something of a betrayal. But then, Democrats are in denial about there having been any validity at all to Pizzagate. To them it's all just one big "right wing conspiracy."

    Curiously, it is the radical right who are rallying to the defense of Julian Assange, since his arrest. As does "Q." They blame his arrest on the "Deep State" - the term coined by the Berkeley based, Canadian academic Peter Dale Scott. - The term that has been co-opted by the likes of Jerome Corsi.

    But Where is Donald in all this?

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    Chauncey Gardner's Avatar
    Chauncey Gardner

    Re: Assange: Saboteur or Scapegoat?

    Assange is a hero in keeping Clinton from the levers of Washington power. I am no fan of our current president as who could honestly like a a lying, racist, pussy grabber ?Trump did not so much win as he was shunted in to position by the DNC as they used their own money and influence to make sure he was taken seriously by the media and put into his position directly at the orders of Clinton herself. This is all part of the public record. It was Seth Rich who took a thumbdrive and copied the Podesta files and made off with them to his own detriment. Rich was murdered in cold blood as he lay in his hospital bed recovering from gun shot wounds he had suffered from an attack. He had survived the initial attack. The news media claimed he was robbed yet nothing of value was taken from him . His surgeon came back the next day to find the hallway closed off to Rich's room by police. When they left Rich was dead> THis claim was made directly by the surgeon, also part of the public record.
    A group of IT forensics experts found that the amount of data transferred and the time it took put the extraction at a very local level and not of someone in Russia or anywhere else outside of that office could have downloaded all that information at those speeds.Here is the article detailing that part.:
    That is right the Seth Rich story is not going away. New interest in the last 24 hours has surfaced in the case as Kim Dot Com once again told his twitter followers that he helped Rich get his information to Assange.
    Assange does not play favorites and was not beholden to either party as this case firmly shows. Only the most die hard of Clinton apologists will deny this is the case.
    Assange is being used to tell others who might uncover such mendacity that they will be met with the closed fist of the fascist state if they think they can undo the plans of the rich and powerful who feel the ever bidden urge to control all who walk upon this great planet. Unfortunately most of us can do not much else but pray for this man as he is in the jaws of the beast even as I write. Peace.
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    SonomaPatientsCoop's Avatar

    Re: Assange: Saboteur or Scapegoat?

    Hmmm. I have a very different opinion of Assange- based on both facts and having some "friends" in the white/Gray hat community who have met and dealt with him.

    Many in the community have trouble forgiving him for releasing the CIA hacking tools- which have only gone on to be used to create havoc. He had access to many, many well respected groups that would vet the tools and release their findings- with redacted code. But no- he had to release some of the most powerful hacking tools to anyone and everyone. There was absolutely *NO* benefit to this.

    Let's not forget there is strong evidence he is another misogynist. And that he seemed to release the Gem leaks at the exact time of his fellow "pussy grabber" Trump's problems with the Access Hollywood tapes..

    I have no respect for the man... nor what he was trying to do. He blew that. Kinda blows my mind - here we have another pathetic man...and somehow he's a hero because...???

    But this is where our country is. A sad little %^*^ publishes some very important troves about the CIA - yet doesn't do his due diligence and redact the information that leads to even greater harm.. and he's a hero of the left? He releases a trove of "meh" information to sway the election for Trump? And yet he's still a hero of the left?

    Need I remind you conspiracy theorists- Sweeden does not kowtow to the US. Indeed- they are a country that goes to great lengths to broker deals between the US and it's adversaries - at no benefit to themselves. Anyone who believes that Sweeden somehow framed JA for sexual assault.... you just do not understand the realities. Sweeden could not care less what the US thinks. They only care about their own...and, such a rare thing these days, the greater good.
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