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    Flynn Creek Circus 'Out of Hat' 2019

    Sunday, August 4th;4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
    Where Luther Burbank Center
    Cost $12-50
    Event Website Event Facebook Page Add to Google Calendar
    Flynn Creek Circus presents 'Out of Hat'

    Luther Burbank Center, Santa Rosa

    under the Big Top Tent

    Aug 1-4, 2019

    Flynn Creek Circus is an all-human spectacle

    Down the rabbit hole we go with Amelia Van Brunt as the magician's rabbit...Join us for an original comic tale told from the rabbit's perspective as she explores the physics of magic and the magic of physics. Revolutionist bunnies, a sinister magician, a two headed girl and animal control agents collide in a hilarious quest to get the rabbit back in the hat. Fundamentally, Flynn Creek Circus' 2019 show, 'Out of Hat' is just a flimsy plot line built to deliver explosively entertaining acrobatics, aerial stunts and feats of skill that require decades of passionate dedication.

    In true Flynn Creek Circus style, 'Out of Hat' is charmingly self aware, raw, edgy, sometimes profound and yet entirely family friendly (except that adult showing). Don't let the vintage (aka rough) exterior fool you. 'Out of Hat' brings Internationally award winning performers to an intimate setting for a truly authentic theater experience. This year's show features Kris and Harrison Kremo from Switzerland. These world famous 'gentlemen jugglers' (if you don't believe us, google them!) will charm your socks off....speaking of 'off'... Las Vegas acrobatic troupe, Off Axis, will return with an all new, jaw dropping act for 2019. All flippedness aside (haha..flippedness..there will definitely be some flips. Did you get the pun? Is flippedness even a word?), 'Out of Hat' will blow your mind! No host bar available at all showings. Proceeds benefit Circus Mentors Inc 501c3.

    Thursday, Aug 1 at 7pm- Opening night special price, all seats $11/child, $22/adult
    Friday, Aug 2 at 7pm- Adult 21+ only version
    Saturday, Aug 3 at 4pm
    Saturday, Aug 3 at 7pm
    Sunday, Aug 4 at 1pm- family day special, 1/2 price children's ticket with adult ticket purchase, *online purchase only * promotion ends Aug 2, 2019*
    Sunday, Aug 4 at 4pm

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