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    Ostap Bender Chess Festival at Russian house #1

    Saturday, June 29th;10:00 am - 6:00 pm
    Where Hw 1 Jenner Ca 95450, Russian House 1
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    Chess is not just an ancient popular mind & strategy game. It is a part of Russian culture with many famous chess champions and grossmeisters coming from Russia .

    In Russian house #1 we play chess regularly but would like to make it more of the tradition and open our doors for a regular Chess club. We suggest meeting once a month on last Saturday of the month. Beginners and Masters can play on several boards in our main room.

    Play with humans, not with the board ! But please bring your board, if you have one.

    PostNewVasyuki welcomes you Starting June 29th at 1 pm
    Goo players and masters are also welcome !
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