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    Remember the "Maine"?

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    Re: Remember the "Maine"?

    Time to "Remember the Maine" - Again...

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    Yes, do remember the Maine.

    @ 0:30 - - 0:50 :

    "It was all about that Battleship of Maine"

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    Abraham Entin

    Re: Remember the "Maine"?

    Not to mention the Gulf of Tonkin and the "weapons of mass destruction". This is getting more than old.
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    Re: Remember the "Maine"?

    Harvey Wasserman wrote (May 8, 2005):

    In Cuba, the 1898 sinking of the battleship Maine brought the US into war with Spain. The people of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines were in revolt against the crumbling Spanish empire. Media baron William Randolph Hearst, the era's Rupert Murdoch, wanted a war to sell papers and promote "jingo" power. He portrayed the Spaniards as barbaric rapists and worse. In the name of democracy and freedom, Hearst and pro-war fanatics like Theodore Roosevelt demanded US intervention.

    Republican President William McKinley, personal hero of today's White House dirty trickster Karl Rove, dutifully sent the battleship Maine into Havana harbor. Suddenly, it blew up, killing some 250 American sailors.

    Spain was blamed, and Hearst got his war. Having just conquered and annexed what had been the sovereign monarchy of Hawaii, the Americans now annexed Puerto Rico and installed colonial regimes in Cuba and the Philippines.

    But Filipino guerillas waged a jungle resistance that dragged into the new century. Thousands died in the quagmire. An angry anti-imperial movement sprung up here amongst farmers, labor unions and intellectuals like Samuel Clemens, whose writings under the pen name Mark Twain remain among the fiercest critiques of the perils of empire.

    And guess what! New underwater technology has shown that the Maine actually blew up from the inside. Definitive scientific analysis says the Spaniards could not have sunk it. The explosion that brought it down most likely came from a faulty boiler or a munitions misfire, but definitely not from a Spanish mine or torpedo.

    The Spanish-American War, with all its bloody imperial slaughter, had been sold on a lie..."

    In, "Four Bloody Lies of War, From Havana 1898 to Baghdad 2003"
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