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    New DiCaprio documentary: Ice on Fire - free to view for one week

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    HBO is presenting Leonardo DiCaprio's latest documentary on climate - Ice on Fire. It premiered on Tuesday.

    Starting Wednesday, June 12, HBO is allowing people to watch the whole movie for free for one week. After that, perhaps you could sign up for HBO's 1 week free trial to view it, or rent it. Haven't seen the movie yet. Plan to soon! It sounds like this time it's way more focused on solutions (thank god! too many doomsday articles and not enough of them highlight SOLUTIONS we need to work on!!!)

    Watch the whole movie here (1 hour and 37 min):


    Here's an interview about the documentary (about 6 1/2 min)

    Climate Change Solutions in ICE on Fire Film - Thom Hartmann interviews director Leila Conners

    Here's a really positive review from GIzmodo:

    Finally, a Climate Change Documentary That Will Get You Excited to Fix It

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