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    Ocean front gardening/cleaning

    Location:  bodega bay

    I'm seeking a very special person - someone who LOVES to garden (including weeding!), who loves to clean/keep things really clean & who would like to trade for regular ocean front stays in Bodega Bay. This is an amazing, lovely spot, a family home very special to me. I'm currently watching a great blue heron hunting just outside (hunting gophers :) Short walk to beach. My yard is permaculture type, often carefree, until rains bring mega weeds. Have been slowly choking weeds with desirable alternates. I currently work in Malibu so can't tend to yard as before. Family comes to stay and friends/neighbors keep an eye on the home but no one loves to garden...

    Please reply to [email protected] or 707.340.3290 if interested

    Thank you,
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