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    Five Cool Groups

    Friday, May 24th;8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
    Where KRCB-Windsor, 91.1 and 90.9 (Wait a minute! WINDSOR!!?)
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    O.K., here I am again, ready to go with those Five Cool Groups. Of course, these little previews of the Wondrous Music of Next Week are very short. So...Cool Group #1...

    I See Hawks in L.A. Founded in Los Angeles (naturally!) in 1999. And why that strange group name? Well, at some point, someone said: "If you see hawks, then maybe we should talk." Get it? (Me, neither.) And a single single from the show: "I Fell In Love with the Grateful Dead."

    Death Cab for Cutie. Founded in Bellingham, WA, 1997. The Name? From a song of the same name: (D.C.F.C....Originally performed by the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band.) The Single Single: "Little Furry Bugs."

    The Duhks. Founded in Winnipeg, Canada, 2002. Name: Leonard Podolak was one of the founders. In another group he had at an earlier date: Scruj MacDuhk. Single: "Crusty Rolls & Chili."

    Dirty Martini. Founded in Portland,OR, 2005. Name: Dirty Martini: an actual alcoholic beverage. Single & Album: Ghost of a Sailor and Tea and Revenge on Pampelmoose Records.

    Pink Martini. Founded in Portland, OR, 1994. Name: "A Little Orchestra that crosses the genres of Classical Music, Classical Pop, Latin Music and Jazz." Founders: China Forbes, Storm Large, Tom Lauderdale. Singles: Ou Est Mon Tete?, The Gardens of Sampson and Beasley, Donde Estas, Yolanda, Bippy Boppy Betty, among others.

    Meet me Friday, May 24, 8 to 10 PM. Ye're gunna luv this stuff!
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