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    StateSide - Supporting Progressive Candidates - from Sister District

    Dear Waccobb friends,

    I’m writing to ask for your support for a modest experiment in democracy, called StateSide.

    StateSide is a 3-month pilot project designed with the goal of boosting small-dollar financial support for Democratic state legislative candidates, who are chronically underfunded. Every month for the next three months, I’ll be asking supporters to contribute whatever you can to three such candidates in Virginia, where the only competitive state legislative races of 2019 will be held. Ultimately, the project team hopes this fundraising approach can be scaled up and rolled out to other key states in the 2020 elections.

    How StateSide works

    In about a week, I’ll introduce a mini-slate of three candidates, who have all been endorsed by Sister District. (More on SD in a moment.) I can include a link with a profile of each candidate, their district, and their opponent. With one click, supporters can contribute to any or all three of the picks. The only rule is: Donate as generously as you can, but remember that no contribution is too small.

    Why I trust Sister District’s recommendations

    My involvement in this project grows out of my work as a volunteer with Sister District here in West Sonoma County. SD is a fantastic organization that’s helping change the balance of power in strategically chosen state governments, primarily by flipping state legislative chambers to Democratic control.

    In 2017, for example, SD supported 15 candidates in Virginia, where Democrats came within one seat of completely flipping a large GOP majority in the House of Delegates. Fourteen of SD’s candidates won their races, and the 15th—Shelly Simonds—lost the deciding seat in a random drawing after a mandatory recount ended in a tie. (Shelly is running again this year, and StateSide will be supporting her.) In another example, Sister District helped to flip the Colorado Senate to a blue majority in 2018 by supporting Faith Winter, whose victory tipped the scales.

    Sister District knows how to spot potential winners and help them achieve success. Since 2017, 70% of SD-endorsed candidates have won their races, and of those who lost, most fell short by 2% or less.

    Why state legislative races matter

    There are three compelling reasons to support Sister District’s recommended candidates, especially in this election cycle, which will coincide with the 2020 census.

    1. Reverse a decade of partisan and racial gerrymandering. After the 2010 census, GOP-controlled states re-drew their electoral maps to create bulletproof Republican majorities in state legislatures and Congressional districts—with disastrous consequences. Electing Democrats in 2019-2020 is our last chance to ensure those district maps are redrawn fairly in 2021, when the post-census redistricting process will take place.

    2. Fight voter suppression, which affects every race on the ballot. States control voting laws for races up and down the ballot. With that power, GOP lawmakers have passed a barrage of laws that disenfranchise minorities, young people and the working poor. Measures include strict voter ID laws, throwing out registration forms due to trivial errors, purging voters from the rolls, and creating long voting lines by cutting voting hours and locations. Democrats need to win control in state legislatures to restore fair access to the ballot for everyone.

    3. Push back against the right-wing agenda. In gerrymandered states, Republicans have passed conservative legislation on a sweeping scale (see this week’s news about restrictive abortion policies). By electing Democrats, we can advance progressive laws and policies on voter rights, healthcare, gun safety, reproductive rights, the environment and immigration.

    Now you know why state legislative races are so important, and why your support matters. Thanks for doing your part in bringing the next “Blue Wave” to state legislatures across the country.

    For our democracy,
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    Re: StateSide--Supporting Progressive Candidates--from Sister District

    With certain traitorous exceptions, a Democrat is always preferable to a Republican; I've been in the habit of saying,"Ehh, Demican, Republicrat--who can tell the difference?" though if the Repubs actually run Trump again, after they've seen what he does to children, that habit will go away. There's just one more thing I'd need to see before donating: either Ranked Choice Voting ( or a statement as to whether a Peace & Freedom or Green candidate is also running and where to verify that.
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