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    ATTENTION-if you've donated! Disabled Senior who May Lose home-

    If you've donated, and haven't been acknowledged and thanked by me and or Bonnie, please contact me immediately with the amount of your contribution and the date. I'm concerned that with so many compassionate members of this community who must have made donations, that they may have been hacked or siphoned somehow. This is only for those who haven't been thanked, but I've tried to keep up with the many donations coming in.

    I've also received beautiful and valuable items to sell at the Burbank Garden's Flea Market next Sat. June 8th. I'd like to give Wacco members a chance to get these items before then. Here's the short list, and photos:

    Beautiful baby blue Martha Stewart silky comforter, It said "twin" but it's a bit too long for my bed. Maybe if someone has a deeper mattress, it would work.
    Also have these items:
    MixMaster with stainless bowl in excellent shape
    Handmade Fairy Garden
    Bread box-stainless like new, smooth opening-use for whatever-napkins
    Large roasting pan with lid
    Large cork bulletin boards -4
    Checkerboard baking pans -2
    Large pale green ceramic bowl
    colorful glazed ceramic birthday plates -4
    colorful glazed ceramic plates -4
    colorful glazed ceramic pie plate
    large colorful glazed ceramic serving plates-2
    Amoena breast forms -2 size 2U NEW in BOXes
    RARE lavender/purple polished crystal bead necklace
    and MORE!

    I’ve recently learned that a 72-year old woman and her 14 rescued cats may lose her home of 34 years. She will have no option, except homelessness.

    After working for seven years on a large project for the landowners, she and her then husband were given a 99-year lease in exchange for their labor.
    The landowners have 31+ acres, part of which is a ridgetop a mile above Hwy. 116, on which they began making a homestead. As they were able to afford materials, they built a small cottage and home, and a sanctuary for rescued felines (62 total felines were saved) who had been found in terrible conditions.

    After an unexpected visit from PRMD (Permit Resource Management Department of Sonoma County), she was cited for lack of building permits for the structures. Penalties are severe, and permits for each change they will demand is far beyond what her Social Security would cover. For 34 years, she has invested any extra income to make sure the homestead is well-maintained. Her huge investment of money and hard work will be lost if she’s not able to raise funds to meet PRMD’s demands. Her 14 remaining rescued cats would have to be euthanized if all is lost.

    This circumstance has created tremendously increased stress for Bonnie Grand, worstening her pre-existing disabling conditions, such as Rhinitis, which causes daily congestion, exhaustion and difficulty sleeping. She also has been dealing with severe and painful spinal damage, incurred during the years working on her home, little cottage, gardens, and in maintaining the mile-long gravel road. Bonnie has had both shoulder joints replaced (2006 & 2011), and has already had her first spinal surgery at L5, S1. More lumbar surgery could be necessary. It is also likely that she will soon need cervical surgery at C3,4,5 and 6. Recovery is lengthy and painful.

    The real possibility that she would have to leave the homestead she has lovingly cared for, after being rooted for so many years, makes it increasingly difficult to breathe, or even want to continue living. Even to muster the energy to begin packing, especially knowing she and her beloved kitties have nowhere to go, is a killing field of hurt.

    Bonnie does not have a large network, so she is dependent on the contributions from strangers. At this point, she’s borrowed $12,000 (unable to borrow any more), to pay the draftsman’s fee. The estimated funds needed to bring structures to code may be in excess of $100,000.

    Your compassion will help lessen the terrible possibility that she may end up on the street, which is no place for disabled senior citizens or rescued and beloved cats.

    Please contribute from your heartfelt gratitude for your own abundance. If you're unable to make a donation, please SHARE with friends. SHARING is CARING!
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