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    Jude Iam

    STOP authorization of endless WARS

    jared likely supports this but could champion it. essentially vital (to everything) to pass this. jude

    Hi J,
    My name is Annika, and for almost my entire life, the United States has been fighting an endless worldwide brutal war. And it’s all because Congress signed over a blank check when it passed the “Authorization for use of Military Force” — or AUMF — in 2001.
    Luckily, longtime champion of ending the Forever War, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, is pushing a bill to revoke Congress’ two-decade-old authorization for the failed wars following 9/11. And it could get voted on as soon as next week.
    If we can get Rep. Lee’s bill as much support as possible, we’ll have a chance of winning this vote and helping block Trump’s war cabinet from starting even more wars, from Venezuela to Iran. But we need to act fast.
    Tell Representative Jared Huffman to support Rep. Lee’s “Repeal of the Authorization of Military Force” bill to end endless war this week.

    Presidents from both parties have distorted Congress’ 2001 AUMF beyond belief — to justify global war and counterterrorism operations in 80 countries over 18 years. The never-ending war in Afghanistan. Hidden drone strikes across Africa. Torture in Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib prisons. The erosion of civil liberties across the United States.
    Back in 2001, Congresswoman Barbara Lee was the only member of Congress to vote against the 2001 AUMF. She bravely warned it could become exactly this kind of blank check for war. At the time she received death threats and was denounced by her fellow politicians and pundits alike, but history proved her lonely warnings to be absolutely right.
    She’s been fighting to slam the brakes on endless war ever since — with Win Without War activists fighting alongside her.
    And now, Rep. Lee’s bill could change everything — because for the first time in nearly two decades, momentum is on our side to end the United States’ Forever War.
    We’re sending people in uniform to fight and die in wars that the majority of current members of Congress have never even voted on. That’s unconscionable and it's unconstitutional. So let’s demand they finally do their job by joining Rep. Barbara Lee in ending endless war.
    Will you tell Representative Jared Huffman to support Rep. Lee’s “Repeal of the Authorization of Military Force” bill now?
    In many countries around the world, war has always been a part of everyday life for my generation. I have been watching the United States undermine international human rights, enlist service members even younger than me, and create death and destruction in endless wars. But I reject war business as usual. It’s time to end these endless wars for good. Will you join me?
    Thank you for working for peace,
    Annika, Mariam, Amy, and the Win Without War team

    Win Without War is a project of the Center for International Policy.
    1 Thomas Circle NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20005
    (202) 656-4999 | [email protected]
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