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    Best renters or caretakers for your property. -  2600

    Location:  Sonoma County
    Home Wanted

    Two women seek long-term single family home.
    Mother and daughter, responsible adults, plus one sweet service dog and an indoor cat.

    2-3 Bedroom rental home or caretaker situation.
    We seek a peaceful and quiet home for lease or long-term rental. We will consider providing light property care and management in exchange for full or partial rent, depending on duties.

    Experience & Skills
    Former homeowner and careful custodian of house and garden. Past live-in caretaker of a historic home. Worked in historic parks: Vallejo Home, Jack London, Petaluma Adobe. Experience in care of woodwork, landscaping, vegetable gardens, goats, and bees.

    Rent target = $2600/month, or up to $2850 with utilities. Guaranteed on-time payment with Section 8 voucher. Our income from Disability benefits is also guaranteed dependable.

    We have excellent references, available upon request. Contact [email protected].

    WACCO folks,
    we are quiet and
    , long-term community members, not flakes nor druggies nor partiers, and our current management says "everyone wants renters like you." But we can no longer tolerate apartment living due to multiple chemical sensitivities so please help us find a home where we're not exposed to the stuff that makes sick folks sicker. Thank you!
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