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    Clayton Thomas Lynch's Avatar
    Clayton Thomas Lynch

    Occidental Farmers Market transition update proposal/ RRC Rural Rainbow Coalition

    Occidental Farmers...Market???Transition...Proposal.

    Regarding “open” non discriminatory position to management of “Occidental Farmers Market”.

    *All things pertained in this document are true to my full understanding with some variations on time and proper memory.

    *PLEASE forgive any typos and or minor confusions which can be alleviated with a simple reply and response...

    What “Government” I would“willingly” participate in regarding A New Vision for the Occidental Community Farmers Co-op? Bizarre? Market???

    I believe this is a heart and soul issue of the whole socio-economics of the Occidental Community throughout the year, not just during the party season... if you will,in which I highly appreciate...

    The Community Market is to me hands down the greatest education on all levels a child can have...

    And therefore I believe they should have a say in the Governing and future of Occidental in general and indeed the Farmers Market... Being a heart and soul thereof.

    Reverse Engineering of a NEW VISION for Occidental Community Farmers Market...

    Some skills required and my accomplishments for qualifications, and.just some info...
    About me:
    I go by Clay Inthepottershands, soon tobe a legal change... birth certificate: Clayton Thomas/named after David Clayton Thomas, The lead singer of Blood, Sweat and Tears...
    *I am 44 years old and a LeoSun/Dancing Crab Moon for Astrology

    • Born in Chicago...Raised in the Ozarks around Springfield MO, mostly Farm lands, {I actually went to elementary school in a town 1.11 square miles with “Old Order Amish” riding horse and buggy to school every day} Very awesome experience that has always stuck with me.
    When and How we ended up here:
    *I first came to Coast 8 years ago this time around to Washington State for The Rainbow Gathering in which a crew of 9 I Captained a bus from Washington DC/Ithica NY in a little over two days... Amazing journey!
    *While following Cannabis work down theCoast through Mendocino Village doing street art I was told by many guides that Occidental was calling me... I lived in Sebastopol for a little over a year before finally making it over the hill...

    Other Interesting Facts about ourEndeavors in The Occidental Valley
    *LANE1974 Movie Role: DirectorSJ Reynolds...”The Endeavor III” school bus converted RV was astar role in the film which was filmed mostly at Star Mountain on Coleman Valley and I drove bus in three parts including opening scene and managed the staging and props for the bus inside and out.LANE1974 is still on tour after over a year being debut and winning many Indy film festivals along the way. Alot of hard work and trying at times, but an amazing experience altogether. Endeavor III is currently where we lay our head near downtown Occidental for last three years.
    *BatBoy: Therapy{godmirrored/dog) Chihuahua/Chinese crested hairless dog rescued me/us from Lake County 7 years ago.{some have proposed him as Occidental Mayor” he has been in a full front page article on Occidental Character in the local Major Newspaper and also in Sonoma Magazine on dog friendly towns.


    1. Occidental Connections:
    2. Local residence and artist/wild harvester for going on 6 years...
    3. 2018 OCC Active Council Membership
    4. Started the funding and labor of Occidental cleanup crew started in October 2018.
    5. built kids benches in town at ladybug park across from Howards
    6. Sold lots of hand made arts and crafts while here consistently working in Copper/Redwood/Local Minerals and Paints...Mixed Medium
    7. Started making things to place in Handgoods, /burl wooden measuring spoons and cutting boards
    8. We have two options for continual housing currently in The Occidental area so as to maintain a local residency
      1. Studied Gardening “double dig” no till gardening with John Jeavons in Ashland OR, and a workshop on going to market.
      * Biodynamics workshops a couple in Santa Fe and Taos NM, I am quite familiar with Waldorf schooling principles as well as it was always apart of the courses of Rudolph Steiner. I have always appreciated the fruit of the young adults that have went through this philosophy of teaching.
      2. Started and Ran a Lawn and Landscape business for 6 years on and off in Springfield MO. ”Personal Touch Landscape”,
      3. Community Garden: Founded first Community Gardens in Eureka Springs AR. ½ acre donated by a local Realestate agent and funded partly through the Methodist Church. We built over 20 raised beds with a cornucopia of foods... We used only “worm castings” as fertilizers. I was trying to prove how amazing it is on all plants and it balances itself “naturally” with very large fruits on everything... I was selling the castings for a guy in Fayetville AR just south of us and getting castings for the gardens in trade.
      Highschool GED... I missed my graduation by 1 point at Bothel(not brothel) High School in Washington State and went and received my GED to start in the workforce at MCI/World Com in 93'... I barely missed a College grant with my GED scores as well... I made more starting there than most college graduates though sadly for them. But I believe colleges greatest asset is education, not production of a labor force necessarily.
      A Certificate from SMSU for Business Planning and Development through the SBA...year 96'?
      Founded: Outdoor Gear Exchange in Springfield Mo... It is now called Dynamic Earth and a multi million dollar business w an attached Organic Health food store call Mama Jeans. Originally bought by Mathew Oreiley who is the son of the founer of Oreiley Automotive... Needless to say he had endless capital to do this. Those his management to full accreditation was the key to the success of business. I heard he recently sold the business for endeavors in Eco-Building.
      Started “Creative Solutions” a sign design and fabrication business, specializing in very unique projects... custom modern/contemporary Copper waterfalls/sculptures were one of our specialties as well.

    Managed Residential High-rise window cleaning business for Class Glass. Owner Clay Frisbee in Springfield MO and branching off with my own business with his approval and help.I was hired through the local climbing gym “Petra” I frequently attended that he owned as well. He first hired me as a Christmas Light installer on big buildings and houses and moved me as First Washer in his Residential Division in the Summer after being trained to clean windows. I also helped him with the decision of buying thegrain mill in which the new current climbing gym is in. The highest I hung from was 680 ft. The John Q. Hammons building Springfield MO. We called Darth Vader accordingly... It had a overhanging 2 stories at top that made for very technical skills and time to clean... over a month of constant work actually

    1. Website Design and Management
      1. Have built many successful sites reaching over 10,000 hits consistently through good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) management and understanding of traffic flow.
      Logo Design and Product Imagery: have helped many including my own endeavors in creating marketing/imaging packets for business identity.
      NOTE: I recently helped in regards to a Mushroom Jerky business called “Jewels of the Forest” some local brothers started. It was in regards to a competition for an appearance on Ted talks regarding Product Packaging Design... I helped him with final critiques. I hope they win...

    Reverse Engineering of a NEW VISION for Occidental Community Farmers...and Market.

    What “Government” I would“willingly” participate in regarding A New Vision...

    Problems: No particular order...
    1. Plan of Action
    2. Governance
    3. Finances
    4. Insurance/ Event Insurance
    5. Traffic Safety
    6. Signage
    7. Trash
    8. Bathrooms
    9. “Future” Vision of Occidental Character in General...Local Farmers needs being addressed.
    10. If decided to move to other end... How to keep traffic flow and Vibes maintaining the Whimsical Character of Celebration throughout Occidental.

    From the Email reply this is a position that currently has unknown boundaries, potentials,response-abilities, and pay range until further discussion. Fair enough... Cause I thoroughly believe we need a clean palette for Occidental regarding “Occidental Farmers” and “Market”.

    So I further meditated regarding the OFM and actually was really deeply pondering this prior to the news of her deciding to bow out this year at last minute in which is believed to be pressures from a few in the Occidental CommunityBusiness district, which is understandable to me. Not fully sure, but I do know about on going tensions regarding the two and tried to be mediator in the situation regarding sinage, trash and bathrooms in 2018. With this eventually being the outcome fore-seen.
    Bathrooms were finally being open throughout the week for Occidental since it had still not addressed this much needed accommodation for visitors and even locals who have not the need or money to “pay to pee”?

    So this is what is commonly referred to as “reverse engineering” a problem unto a solution... solved by reversing The End Vision and creating nuts and bolts for it to work.

    And in building a machine and doing this for each part it must meet the needs of the other parts of the whole or the whole machine fails.

    This is not just a “Market”... its the heartbeat of our “Community” and should be governed for the future betterment of “Occidental Community Farmers” and the whole socio-economics reaching to all financial levels especially farmers and those who serve food... if that has dwindled, which it has...I know two families personally in last year, than that needs addressed and fixed.

    So I am propositioning what ”I would”and “Will” to be apart of the “governing”/management regarding Occidental Community Farmers-Market.

    I would “only” participate if itwere moved to “the reasonably better location/s” on the Northside of town in Community Center and Art Center inwhich has yet to be discussed with Steve, Director of Art Center andsaid business owners down there in adjacent parking lots.

    Rickshawspertinant to support location change...

    That said, this would “only succeed I believe, if there was funding and approval of at least two electric bicycle rickshaws” in which can be leased with low monthly payments {about $250 for both) {$1599 each} and maybe funded through the OCC until it could pay for itself...Electric bikes can be rented as well on the other days paying for themselves in a short time. I helped build business plans for a Rickshaw business in Springfield Mo. The Rickshaw riders rent them daily when used and get paid tips from the riders.

    NOTE: update Tues the 9th...A local friend who is retired has a great connection to an Electricbike company he has been testing for over a year with great results... and thinks financing is available in this company as well.He has been designing pull-behind Rickshaws/Trailers for a few years...

    This would make it convenient for folks to meander back and forth... Tourists would love it...
    And locals I think...

    Proposing of open one more day a weekand a yearlong market utilizing the Community Center and helping them get in the Green.


    Business Owners:
    I believe meeting the needs of downtown business owners in regards to “tax paid” right to parking space etc. is just and due cause.

    Locals inconvenience:
    wanting to do daily shopping in town are not inconvenienced looking for somewhere to park, just going in and out for simple things.
    It has and does create unneeded aggression for families.

    Volunteer Traffic Helpers:
    The traffic safety issues would be much less bottle-necked down there... Volunteer traffic safety and parking helpers.
    Vests etc. Keep folks out of Post Office and Health clinic parking areas very important.

    NOTE: Volunteers could be paid tokens for food vouchers at the Market for helping...PAID!

    Booths in Downtown?

    Maybe keep a few Crafts and Music in the Downtown area...


    Get old parking signs from her and transfer onto sandwich boards for better move-ability, we offered to do this last year and never fruition-ed.

    South Bohemian Hwy. informing incoming traffic of Market on North side... maybe a banner...
    North Bohemian Hwy. Informing to slowdown and of Market... signs starting over hill before Vet Farm.

    Occidental HWY coming in and Coleman Valley maybe... but probably not necessary.


    Community Center and Art Center already have them... help with sewage and water costs...

    Still add porta potty in downtown so that there is one until we figure out when we will have a Community restroom permanently?

    A bin to be leased and locked at the Community Center...
    Maybe just bag and take it every week?Funded through the Markets Funds from Booths.

    George, a local retired elder who makes supplemental income from recycling... gets the Recycling... been doing it for years already at previous Farmers Market.

    Pay Scale:

    What do I want in pay???

    Maybe a reliable small used truck donated to move signs and trash, veggies, art, etc...

    $$$? A small agreed upon stipend/sign on bonus to get the ball rolling...

    The ability to continue to be a local artist/musician/philosopher/farmer locally...
    Two paid for spaces for crafts and vegetables throughout the year option if goes year long.. one forRRC/Us and a space for “Baker Bart” to have a open wood hearth bread oven. He has always wanted it and as my elder I believe deserves to get another “wish off the bucket list” {with Health and Fire Dept. approval...of coarse}

    Financing by Faith/Belief in Good returns Good: I will put out “wooden nickles” I hand make fromthe heart of fallen Redwood branches... and folks can support by Faith through purchasing these in regards to their experience they have from the governing of said “market”. I am already truly rich for being here and helping this Vision I believe and my needs would get met this way financially. I live pretty frugal.

    That's the job I propose for helpingManage-ment position... or part of Governing the future changes.

    Clay, and Batboy with the RRC :RuralRainbow Coalition”

    [email protected]
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