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    Process Painting and Somatic Inquiry

    April 18 - May 9th;1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
    Thursday, April 25th;1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
    Where Petaluma/Sebastopol
    Cost Drop ins: $40 members/ $45 non members. Series: $190 members/ $215 non members.
    Event Website Event Facebook Page Add to Google Calendar
    This class will be at the PetalumaArts Center on Thursday afternoons 1:00 to 4:00 pm beginning April 11th.

    And at the Sebastopol Center for The Arts on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 9:30 beginning April 30th.
    (see for more info)


    "The essential thing is to put oneself in a frame of mind that is close to that of prayer"
    Henri Matisse.
    With this sentiment as a guide we move into painting through embodied presence.

    Our tools are meditation, light movement, drawing and tempera on paper. Not a class in technique but in process painting, exploring inner landscapes and habits of mind that inhibit our natural capacity for discovery, play and free expression. When we stand on the threshold of our intuitive heart the miracles begin both inwardly and outwardly. What wants to come forth is allowed to be, just as it is. As we learn to rest in the intuitive body, the judging mind relaxes and with that comes more confidence, joy and well being. This shift in values can renew our outlook and the way we move in life.

    Travel with fellow comrades and BE the aliveness, the surprise, and the stillness at the root of it all.

    No painting experience necessary. All materials provided. Come for one class or let each class build on the next.
    Fee: $40 for members. $45 non members Drop ins welcome. All materials provided.
    Discounted class package $190 members / $215 non member

    Instructor Bio:

    Michael studied fine art at Rhode Island School of Design and earned a BFA from The Art Institute of Chicago in 1977. Since then he has shown his work extensively in the Midwest but also in New York, San Francisco and Geneva, Switzerland. He has created commissioned artworks for many Health Care Centers and a U.S. Post Office. His interest in meditation, and expressive arts led him to begin offering Intuitive Art based workshops in 2004 at Art Centers and private studios in the Chicago area. Michael has a deep interest in non dual spiritual practice and mind/body practices that alleviate suffering and connect one to their essential nature. He lives in Sebastopol, Ca.


    Comments from students:

    "Michael created a unique setting to explore moment to moment what wished to come forward on to the paper in front of me. This was achieved through his ability to convey his understanding of the creative process as well as connect us to our bodies through movement and grounding. What a fun and rich day!" David Lee, Sebastopol

    "The mindful art class filled me with strength, warmth and kindness.
    I have been feeling so much more confidence and willingness to continue on despite being in LA! I would feel terribly selfish if i did not share the knowledge instilled in me by hearing your messages to help me accept positive loving thoughts. I am still feeling that calmness."
    Arlene Morrison, Petaluma

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