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    ECO-MINISTRY INTENSIVE: Creating a resilient and thriving Earth community

    June 3 - 8th;10:00 am - 2:00 pm
    Where Occidental, CA
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    Creating a resilient and thriving Earth community

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    JUNE 3-8, 2019

    A collaboration between Ecology of Awakening, The Chaplaincy Institute, The RiverStyx Foundation for religious leaders, chaplains and spiritually grounded professionals

    With Kerry Brady, Rev Lauren Van Ham, Brock Dolman,
    Melissa Nelson, Gopal Dayaneni and Brian Thomas Swimme

    The Eco-ministry Intensive is rooted in the desire to create a resilient and thriving Earth community in support of a regenerative future. It is about courageously questioning our core beliefs and life styles and prophetically imagining what is life affirming for the whole. For many of us who are religious leaders, chaplains or spiritually grounded professionals, our call to ministry is being challenged by the anxiety and unrest that so many are experiencing in this time of disruption, injustice and uncertainty. In this intensive, we will explore what it is to embody a faith based activism rooted in the commitment to protect the sacredness of the Earth. We will respond to the invitation to open to the wonder of being part of a creative, living universe and to rediscover our deepest belonging—to ourselves, to each other, to the Earth and to the greater mystery.

    The overall intensive consists of an initial Zoom call, a 6-day retreat in Western Sonoma County, California, and a final ½-day post retreat Zoom call to support our ability to bring what we have discovered into action in our lives, communities and ministries. There are three intentions for our time:

    • The first is to take an honest and deep look at the impact of living within a modern industrial, extractive and exploitive system, as we look towards what it is to create an ecologically and socially just framework—where all beings co-exist peacefully and freely in balance with a thriving Earth. Our guest faculty are dedicated to this work and will help us consider the challenges and opportunities of moving out of the predominant story of separation towards one of (inter) connection, equity and care.
    • The second is to ‘re-awaken’ to ourselves, to each other, to the land and to the impulse that calls each of us to contribute to the world in our unique way. When we awaken to our inherent place within the larger unfolding web, we reconnect with the same Creative Force (God - Life - Spirit) that unfolded over time to bring forth the Himalayas and the hummingbird, as well as each one of us. The invitation is to become more adept at listening and responding to this emergent creative force—our own deepest nature—and to directly engage with how this force is coursing through and informing each of us.
    • The third is to explore our roles in ministry and community care and listen for emerging Earth liturgy that wants to be born in support of the communities we serve. As we open to how we might spiritually guide our faith groups into awakened connection and action, we will explore ideas for institutional and non-institutional eco-ministry service.
    By coming together in community and engaging in mutually reflective encounters with the land and with each other, we will create a vibrant ecology that invites us to root in that which lies beyond our differences—that which continually adapts, intelligent and resilient, through the cycles of time and change—and connect with the impulse to become an enhancing and regenerative presence to all of Life. As a community, we will live and learn from the land, drawing from the new sciences, nature-based processes, listening meditation, inner and outer tracking, inquiry, dream-work, somatic resiliency work, council practices, ceremony and other time-tested processes that usher us towards dissolving our borders and embodying our deepest belonging.

    Who is this for?
    The Eco-Ministry Intensive is for religious leaders, chaplains or spiritually grounded professionals who have an active congregation, spiritual community and/or ministry. Professional activities should include significant time interacting with those seeking religious/spiritual guidance or support. We welcome and encourage all traditions. To help us ensure that the program is a fit for you, we’ve developed an APPLICATION.

    Dates and Location
    Monday, June 3, 10:00 AM - Saturday, June 8, 1:00 PM 2019; Occidental, West Sonoma County, California as well as a pre-retreat Zoom call with Brian Thomas Swimme on Wednesday, May 22, 3:00 PM PDT and a post-retreat Zoom calls (Date TBD). Both Zoom calls will be recorded for those who are unable to make the dates, although we highly encourage you to be with us if possible.

    Group Size
    Maximum Number: 16

    For more information or to register:

    For questions, contact:
    [email protected]

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